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Hypnotherapy in Nottingham
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Hypnotherapy online

Therapy and coaching in the comfort of your own home

0115 9871581  robert@nottinghamcoaching.co.uk

Are you struggling with stress and anxiety?  
Out of control with food?

Afraid of not being good enough? Struggling with a phobia?

Imagine feeling more relaxed and confident and in control of your life    

Discover the real you!

Book your free initial consultation

Thank you for visiting my website

My name is Robert McKinnon and I've been in practice, in Nottingham, for 20 years. I've also been teaching hypnotherapy for 13 years. 

Due to the lockdowns I started working online, using Zoom, and discovered, to my amazement, that people can be helped just as quickly and easily as if I was working in-person. 

Of course working online means I can help people from all over the globe.

Please note that my way of working includes dealing with the underlying cause so that you can have a long-lasting outcome.

If you would like to book a free initial consultation then please send an email to robert@nottinghamcoaching.co.uk and I can book you in, and please note that I am available to do evening appointments. 

Therapy sessions are £70 each or you can pre-pay for three sessions (if needed) for £175.

To reinforce the work we do I'll also include an mp3, tailored to your own particular needs, to listen to at home at no additional cost.

Now of course, many people want to know how many sessions they'll need, so here's some guidance:-

Simple phobias, e.g. fear of spiders, fear of flying, can often be helped in just one or two sessions

Confidence and more general anxiety issues may need three or more sessions

Eating and weight issues may also need three or more sessions

More complex issues such as OCD or agoraphobia may require five or more sessions 

For more information, or to book a free initail consultation send an email to robert@nottinghamcoaching.co.uk

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